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CASES – Designing office spaces

LAIKA has been responsible for designing many types of office spaces and learning environments. Our clients include some of Denmark’s most innovative and successful smaller as well as bigger companies. A common feature for all of them is that they have looked with curiosity towards their physical surroundings and questioned if one fixed desk could support the modern knowledge worker, who’s work life consists on af increasingly amount of collaboration and meetings.

Fact is that the modern worklife has changed significantly over the years. Therefore, today we talk of the “activity based working space” which emphazises that work is not limited to a specific location, but an activity unfolding in spaces designed for a specific task. In close collaboration with our costumers, we have developed and designed evidens-based office spaces that supports the natural work flows and happiness at work.


One of the needs that are rated amongst the most important by employees is a space where they can withdraw to and work undisturbed. Peace and quiet are rare in a busy everyday life – and especially in the open office space. 

Creating a zone that supports concentration and the experience of privacy is not only contributing to an increased productivity, but also employee satisfaction.

LAIKA have designed a wide range of quiet zones of variating size with point of departure in the unique needs and ways of working characterising the unique client.


The past twenty year, the open office has been the standard within workplace design – and with a good reason. The secret, though, is that employees should be able to choose the zone amongst several – defined by the character of the work.

A dynamic zone supports interaction, collaboration, and side-by-side job training which are essential ways of working in most organisations today.

LAIKA design dynamic zones with careful consideration of how the collaboration should be supported in each unique organisation both within and between teams, units and departments.



Most organisations live of the creativity of their employees. Making spaces that support and enhance the creative process can therefore be one way to support the development of innovative solutions and new products.

A project zone that supports both shorter processes such as scrum as well as longer processes as found in design thinking can therefore make room for the process needed in your organisation.

LAIKA will help you create space and select furniture that can help facilitate the creative processes – and we are not afriad to make bold suggestions.


The classic meeting- and conference rooms creates space for confidentiality, presentations and strategies. At the same time, it is most often here your clients meet your company. 

The character and spatial identity of the meeting room are therefore important for how your clients experiences your company.

LAIKA are experts in translating your strategy, values and brand into the unique design of your spaces in way that both employees and clients feels welcome and inspired.


Within recent years, the informal aspects of the work space as well as informal parts of the work day have been given a new found attention. When employees meet at the line for the coffee machine, relationships can form and ideas can be shared. These transactions are not only important for innovation, but also for whether your employees feel at home in your office space. 

Investing in the informal areas and making them cosy and attractive for employees to hang out in, is therefore a way to strengthen the relationship to and between your employees.

LAIKA wish to help you design the informal spaces with things that exactly your employees will appreciate.

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