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Christina Lundsgaard Nielsen
phone: +45 28 72 79 52


My superpower is my ability to see things from a multitude of perspectives and to include many needs and aspects into an empathic and creative design. Through my Pd.D., I have specialised in dialogue-oriented methods such design games. That is a superpower which secures that change happens through involvement and co-creation. In the planning and execution of project, I always have my point of departure in the fragments of the everyday workday that together with employees and management are formed in new, potential work environments.


Architect, cand. arch
Ph.D in Design


HOFOR:  Project manager of a new dispostion and workplace design for 400 employees within the existing building; need analysis, dispositions plan, detailed design, visual concept and implementation.

SKANSKA:  Prospect og conceptual design; Design of cantina, floor-plan example and rooftop terrace and general “Look and feel”.

Gældsstyrelsen (SKAT):  Process design, vision og management clarification. Involvement of management and employees, education of “space ambassadors”, placements of departments and total design of new headquarter of Gældsstyrelsen in Roskilde.

(For SKAT)

Copenhagen Municipality, Kultur og Fritidsforvaltningen: In-debt employees involvement, co-design, development of design games with a focus on culture change. A part of a research project.

(For Danmarks Designskole, now Kunstsakademiets Designskole)



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