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Michael Nilsson
phone: +45 3064 2233


I enjoy contributing to the creation of unique spaces, where the user is in focus and the solutions are developed with an ambition to make a difference. As a space planner, I work analytically towards the best possible solution in a given context based on behaviour analyses and user involvement.

I have a solid experience with designing spaces for learning and working, and I work project-oriented with a focus on functionality, composition, materials, and details that will improve the experience of a room.


Cand. Architecture, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture


Krisecenteret Røntofte: Proposals for design, interior, and reconstruction

Malmö Opera: Proposal for interior design

Rockwool: Disposition proposal for courtyard

Julie Jespersen: Showroom and workshop. Conceptual design and interior design focusing on company branding and identity. 


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