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New ways of working – Book a meeting, lecture or presentation

  • New ways of working concentrate on the future trends in working life, at work and in modern study environments – what can we expect?
  • How can you use building physics to support management strategy – and meanwhile optimize on both sustainability and operating costs?
  • How can the physical environment optimize on the employee collaboration/learning – and the general organizational culture?
  • Internal branding – Space and identity: What does the company signal to its employees, and why is it important?

The presentation lasts approx. 45 minutes and opens up for a discussion afterward.

THE FUTURE OF WORK. “The changes that await us in the next 10 years, are just as significant as those the world saw in the late 18th century when coal and steam completely changed our way of life.”

That is the dramatic formulation on the expectations for the global development of an international future workplace consortium, which has set out to identify the trends that will shape the world and thus our jobs within a span of just 10 years.

We will see young people with a completely different relationship to technology, fixed seating, virtual meetings – and authorities! – in workplaces, where up to 5 generations may have to work together.  An increasing awareness of the correlation between the environment and CO2, which will affect our transportation and travel habits dramatically. Learning environments with students from around the world being educated through new teaching methods involving streaming.  Global collaborations that make the talent pool so much bigger – but require high-impact managers with the ability to lead at a distance.

These are circumstances that a modern knowledge company or educational institution will have to deal with, and where the physical environment should be an active element. This represents the foundation for the most optimal and sustainable space management – before, during and after the design process.

Get a glance into the future by booking a lecture on this exciting and engaging topic to your next networking event or go-home-meeting for the management in your organization. The presentation can be tailored to suit you, with the main focus on either workplace design, learning environments or space management.


Are you interested in a copy of our book Space Matters?
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LAIKA is the official Scandinavian partner to Gensler, one of the world’s largest and most recognized architecture and design firms within the field of workplace optimization. Their global projects allow LAIKA to have a close connection to the latest trends in all types of industries both in terms of workspaces and learning environments. Not only do we collaborate on projects in organizations such as DTU, Rockwool and Novo Nordisk, LAIKA also arranges study tours for our clients with Gensler. Getting international inspiration and outlining a common framework can be the best way to kick off a project with e.g. the project steering committee.

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