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Activity-based working

A company both needs to relate to the reality they are in now – and the one that awaits around the corner.

How does the management want the employees to work together in order to fulfill the strategic goals for next year? Is there a need for more project spaces than offices? And does the open office need to be broken down into smaller enclaves? Does the design match the type of employee that the company wants to attract and retain? And how is the optimal workplace wellbeing cultivated?

LAIKA assists with uncovering your actual needs, and not of the ones you think you have. Through activities like workshops, games or interviews, we listen to both management and staff to ensure a unified direction based on everyone’s wishes for the future.

By involving the employees this way, the change becomes a common project where everyone feels … well, at home.

Holistic branding

‘Branding’ is often understood as an external activity. But focusing on inward corporate branding is just as important to create a holistic and trustworthy brand identity.

That’s why LAIKA wants to get to know who you are. We want to know your values and goals, understand your visions, and use them actively in the new workspace environment.

We believe that the spirit of your organization should be translated into your particular space design but also in your internal communication and structure.  The physical surroundings shouldn’t just be neutral, but should instead be a living translation of the values and beliefs of the organization. Your product, whichever shape it may have, should be experienced. What actually goes on in each department of your organization should be visible and tangible, showing your professional pride and sincere dedication

This is LAIKA’s main competence and specialty: to make your surroundings a daily source of inspiration while contributing to attract and retain the competent and valued employees.


LAIKA is founded by Lene Becker. With an Art Director degree from France and with 10 years of experience from the advertising industry, she graduated as a Livingspace Designer in Italy and has worked with change processes and space design as a strategic tool ever since. Today, LAIKA consists of a team of architects, space design experts, and change management specialists. Furthermore, LAIKA is the official Scandinavian partner of one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious architecture and design companies, Gensler.

LAIKA believes in communication being key to success in all our projects. Our space architects/designers will guide you from beginning to end:

  • In clarifying with the management regarding your visions
  • In our feedback on how the physical surroundings can make that happen
  • In the interaction with employees to understand their needs and wishes
  • In spaces that speak to you and support all the good, innovative, dynamic, collaborative work or learning
  • And in the expression of the final design

In addition, LAIKA gives lectures about which results to expect when focusing on the physical surroundings: sustainable space optimization, spaces for collaboration, relationship building, wellbeing and knowledge sharing.




LAIKA is named after the little space dog that was sent to space on Sputnik 2 in 1957… And created “life in space”.

Unique Space Design

LAIKA helps you create your new inspiring, functional, and flexible workspaces. We will guide you through each step of the way, from identifying your particular needs to a sustainable work environment, supporting your future ways of working.

Whether you are in the middle of a merger or want the students to have a sense of belonging from the first day of school, user involvement of employees or representatives have proven to be extremely beneficial, both culturally and economically, making people thrive and collaborate better in the new surroundings.

In any case, big or small, our dedicated approach is the same. We value space that supports the specific use and the people they accommodate. Spaces that are aesthetic, personal and comfortable. Spaces that radiate quality without being extravagant; efficiency without being dull; professionalism without stiffness. Spaces that tell the story of who you are.

Give us a call at 31 12 79 77 or send an email and let’s have a chat about your space and wishes for it. That is the best way to get a clear idea of what LAIKA can do for you.

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