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Rune Sanggård Andersen
phone: +45 26 33 48 95


Project management with attention to the little details in the big picture, and a steady hand in the collaboration with the client towards a well-implemented result.
Processing and developing concepts for workspaces that underline the work methods and needs, challenging the stereotypical way of thinking and breaking the mold for what’s expected.
Analysis of spatiality and involvement of employees. I have a keen eye for behavior, understanding user wishes and needs, and through processes developing and building a sense of ownership for workspaces that support the ambitions of the organization, and the needs of the staff. 


Cand. Architecture, Aarhus School of Architecture 


LEGO, Havremarken: Process, space planning, and conceptual design.

Vestas: Observations, workshops, and analysis of employee use of workspaces

Nordisk Ministerråd: Interview and registrations, space planning, and scenarios for the use of space along with the development of a conceptual design of workspaces.

ROCKWOOL: Project management, analysis, and conceptual design of workspaces.

Test-fit: Assessment of potential for new headquarters and tenancies including working capacity and conceptual presentations for a number of Danish and international enterprises.

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