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LAIKA's services - Unique space design

LAIKA helps all types of companies, organizations, and institutions getting new, functional and inspiring workspaces and learning environments. We design and manage a process tailored to your particular needs from the initial vision and gap analysis to the concrete implementation and evaluation – always in close collaboration with your leadership team and other stakeholders and.

Listed below are the services we offer.

Workplace design

Unique space design based on your brand and values.

LAIKA is very proud of the unique designs we create. As ‘space doctors’ our designers aid with anything – also when it’s just a helping hand that is needed to add a bit more soul or identity to your workspaces. We base our solution on your existing brand and values, our knowledge about you and your organization, in the possibilities for recycling existing furniture, in your budget, and your ambitions. With our competences and experience, we assess the physical surroundings with a fresh pair of eyes and often see possibilities no one else would.

Project & process management

Creating detailed plans for your process. Project management and professional consultancy.

In collaboration with the company, LAIKA develops a detailed plan for the process from beginning to end. We plan and carry out the management and employee involvement, examine needs, and ensure the involvement in the process of working with the workplace design. LAIKA has a lot of experience with project management, enabling you as an organization to focus on what’s important – to uncover and unfold your ambitions and

Strategy & vision projects

Developing and establishing ideas and visions.

Sometimes developing and establishing an idea or vision requires a little help. LAIKA arranges workshops and lectures, helps with project visions and funding applications… and we generally have a lot of opinions about what we do! LAIKA is the official Scandinavian partner to Gensler, the world’s leading workplace consulting organization. This secures a close connection to the newest international trends and knowledge.


Needs assessment & analysis

Behovsanalyser som grundlag for langtidsholdbare workplace designs

We are often right next to the client when they are in the middle of a transition phase that demands a fresh set of eyes to assess the use of workspace: Has the company grown or will departments with different cultures be merged? And are the concrete future needs even known precisely enough? LAIKA works with a wide range of methods such as observations and registrations, workshops and targeted involvement in order to understand the organization and its employees, ambitions, and future forecast.

And then we design the framework. That way, a lasting foundation for construction and workplace design is created, developed for the particular company and the people working there. “The difference between getting a house or a home”, a client of ours once called it…
And furthermore a set of frames capable of containing and adapting to the future progression, often with a sustainable optimization of the use of square meters as an added bonus.

Implementation & evaluation

Furniture lists and equipment offers, implementation management, consultancy, and evaluation.

When a company relocates or makes changes in their existing physical surroundings, there are a number of things to sort out. LAIKA has helped many companies to settle down in their new settings and can be helpful with for instance ordering new furniture, moving processes, implementing and using the new facilities, and following up on the design. LAIKA ensures a successful implementation of the new workplace design from day one!


Company & lease consultancy

Consultancy regarding space requirements and tenancy, test-fits, and construction analyses.

LAIKA offers lease consultancy for companies that are in the process of making decisions regarding new or existing tenancies.

Have you outgrown your existing premises or are there too many unoccupied square meters in your workspace? Can the use of square meters be efficiency-optimized and accommodate new facilities and work methods?

LAIKA helps companies map out the different potential and challenges on one or several tenancies. We perform test-fits to examine the space potentials of the tenancies, we benchmark on facts, quality, potential, and key numbers to make it easy to understand and base a decision upon. We adjust the consultancy to match the needs of the company, and we happily participate in meetings with realtors, entrepreneurs, and internal meetings in your company. 

Lene Becker, Director in LAIKA Rumdesign

On the importance of physical spaces in the workplace.


A typical LAIKA process

LAIKA’s visual process plan is a tool for understanding and communication of the agreed upon process. The structure of the overall phases is similar in most projects, regardless of size. In collaboration with the client, we define the scope and extent of the project, which results in the design of a process that completely matches the uncovered needs.


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